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Jack Quire

Date of Birth

May 29th 1994




5 ft 10 (178 cm)


College Student

First Appearance

Greatest Freakout Ever


David, Jennifer, His girlfriend and his friends. Stephen (Sometimes)


Stephen Quire

Jack Quire is the main protagonist of the Greatest Freakout ever series. He is the one who films Stephen in almost every video. He tends to set Stephen up just so he can make videos. According to his Facebook account, there has not been a video in a while due to Jack accidentaly dropping his camera in a lake and that he couldn't afford to purchase a new one.


Jack Quire (May 29, 1994) is a Caucasian teenager with fairly long brown hair and dark eyes. Also, until the How the Stephen stole christmas video, Jack had orthodontic braces. Jack is 19 years old. Jack appears to be "dominated" by his older brother Stephen, as when Stephen attempts to do anything harmful or dangerous, Jack seldom intervenes beyond telling Stephen that he will get in trouble. However, Jack often teases Stephen to make him angry, just for the purposes of the video. Most of the time he just watches it for the fun of it. Has a girlfriend at this time, but he doesn't want to expose her name. Jack is the youngest out of the Quire children. Jack's Height is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Jack is not skilled in any form of combat, but he is a gifted cameraman and can usually outrun or outsmart Stephen with his mind.


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