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Stephen Quire Is Invading Your Computer

Stephen Quire, second-born of David Quire, king of the Quires.

 The Quire Family is the main faction in the Greatest Freakout Ever series and is home to the two main characters; Jack and Stephen.


Almost all of the main characters in the series are members of the Quire Family, such as Jack, Stephen, David (Their Father) and Jennifer (Their Mother). Other members include Brandi, Stephens Sister, Stephens Brother-In-Law, Uncle Phil and their Grandmother and Grandfather. Some people may include their amimals as members of their own family, so technecly the Quire's two dogs and kitten are also family.


The Quires have the best technology in the series, possesing numerous weapons including Baseball Bats, Paddles, UFC Gloves and Wooden Stakes. While other factions have vehicular capibilities, The Quires have the best around, including a Hummer, a Motorized Scooter and even The Batmobile itself. All members are capible of unarmed fighting, while some may rather use their mind instead of physical force to fight their enemies. They have set up a nice two-story house with a good amount of land around it to use as a home base.

"Civil War"Edit

The Quire's are in a positon of Civil War. One side is led by David Quire and is trying to bring the family back together while the other side which is led by Stephen Quire (And pretty much consists of only Stephen Quire) wishes to make their own choices instead of following the (mostly right) opinion of David and Jennifer Quire. When conflict arises, there is usually a third faction involved that quickly allies themselves with David's version of the Quires and helps them neutralize the threat of Stephen, albeit usually not speeding up the process enough to prevent massive damage. Stephen has only rarely won battles against his "oppresors" and is often confined to his room for his actions.

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