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Stephen Quire (July 28th, 1993) is the main antagonist of the Greatest Freakout Ever series. His first video was him freaking out because Jennifer Quire, his mom, canceled his World of Warcraft account. Ever since then, the freakout videos have gone viral. The video currently has almost 80 million views.

Stephen Quire

Date of Birth

July 28th 1993




5 ft 11 (180 cm)


Former Student, Mechanic

First Appearance

Greatest Freakout Ever


Close To None, Pretty Much Just Jack On Very Rare Occasions.


Everyone, but mostly Jack.


Stephen Quire is 21 years old. He is a socially awkward young man with anger issues and a muscular build. Because of his aggresive aditude and unfriendly disposition, he is quick to make enemies and quicker to betray the few allies he has. He appears to not be sympathetic whatsoever and will lash out at anyone outside his bubble. He is a skilled engineer and has literally built a batmobile with whatever he could find lying around (save for the seats) and is stronger than the average person, being a skilled fighter in unarmed combat and able to wield weapons effectivly such as the baseball bat. His culinary skills are above average, while not being able to match most skilled chefs. Stephen appears to be a homophobic and has a fear of cats. It appears he loses temporary control of his common sense when he becomes too enraged and will do odd and sparratic things. (EX.Shoving a remote up his butt, flailing uncontrollably, destroying the closest items near him) While he is Jack's main enemy, they are occasionally allies when Stephen does not give into his hate and becomes angry at his antics. You can tell if Stephen is mad or not by seeing if his shirt is off.

Levels of Anger

Stage One: Stephen will begin yelling and being a jerk, causing people around him to become annoyed and distressed. Some may compare this anger to that of a douchebag.

Stage Two: Stephen will begin screaming and breaking anything around him with whatever tools he can find. He is not afraid to lash out at people in violent spasms. This is also when he will take his shirt off if he has time.

Stage Three: Stephen has lost all control of himself and begins to flail around like a madman. It is in this stage that he does things in which he would never possibly do when calm and regrets doing so later, such as shoving a DirectTV remote so far up his rectum that he was in pain for a good seven seconds. This form of rage is actually pretty rare, and has only been showcased certain times throughout the series.


  • Some people believe that Stephen is secretly a closeted homosexual, mostly because of his homphobic tendancies and shoving a remote up his rectum.
  • Stephen has a few fears, like homosexual men, being touched, drowning and cats.
  • Stephen has broke/destroyed multiple objects in the Quire family and a few other places such as hitting his truck with a bat, his dad's guitar but not before using it to hit a clock, the microwave, the vacuum, his Guitar Hero controller and blamed it on Jack, his TV remote, the panels of his bedroom door, the $3000 TV (not seen), the computer chair, the whole Happiest studio, thrown a green vase down the stairs, thrown two chairs into the pool, thrown dishes, pans, and a toaster in the yard, ripped his 50 Cent posters off his bedroom door, trashed his bedroom, stomping on his mom's scooter after wiping out on it, throwing his sister's luggage & clothes down the stairs, destroying parts of a parade float, smashed Jack's TV, thrown a painting in the snow, and even lighting the Christmas tree & presents on fire.
  • Stephen frequently uses mild language such as crap, what the heck, freakin', etc, and has only sweared a couple of times, if at all, throughout the series.
  • Stephen often gets chased at the end in the newer videos. Like by his dad, Stephen driving away, and by his sister's husband (also brother in-law).
  • As seen in the first video, Stephen has a calendar of Brian's gay cousin, Jasper, from Family Guy.
  • Stephen is the second eldest sibling in his family, because he is older than Jack and younger than the sister. He also has/had a dog.
  • Stephen, Charlie the Angry Grandpa, Danny the Tourettes Guy, Croyt the Angry Halo 2 Kid, Ronald Ramirez the Angry Dominican Kid, Leopold Slikk the Angry German Kid, James Rolfe the Angry Video Game Nerd and JJ the Call of Duty freak out kid, are famous YouTube people due to their anger, as well as swearing and breaking stuff. (Their YouTube names also depends on how they react like freaking out or being angry.)
  • Stephen is talented at poetry and has recorded 2 rap songs. "Bitch I'm a Hoosier" and "Dreamin' " ... he is a big fan of Eminem. He has over 10,000 followers on his facebook profile.
  • There is a video of Stephen, on a YouTube channel called Wafflepwnisreal0k in June 20, 2010, in which, Stephen admits that his freakouts are real, and that he hates the videos, as well as his brother, Jack, and all of Jack's friends.
  • Stephen has physically attacked people, who most refuse to fight back. He has attacked Jack muiltiple times. He pushed a man from studio on to the floor, then on his way out another man tries to stop him, Stephen throws him into a wall and leaves. Stephen nearly attacked John Leguizamo, by sminging his arm at him, and destroying his office. Stephen throws smoothies and water bottle at a guy from his L.A. fight video, as well as bystanders who get involved. He then runs after a camera man, shoves him down to the floor, smashes his camera, then throws it at the interviewer. He is then tackled and wrestled to the floor by the interviewer of that video. Stephen also chases a bunch of little girls off a float and destroys it.
  • He has been on tv 4 times, once on Most Daring, Once on Worlds Dumbest and TWICE and tosh.0
  • On Greatest Freakout Ever 28 Stephen seemed to put up some weight as fans say he's gotten thicker. In Greatest freakout ever 29, he seems to have shed off the weight, however, in Stephen and his Batcar, Stephen has gained some of it back.


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